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Cross Slot used for No-Tillage Research in Germany

The following article recently appeared in a newsletter from HALDRUP.

Plot direct seeding Cross slot seeding elements

This spring we delivered our first no till plot drill machine using the Cross Slot elements.

The seeder includes all possible technologies as well as an independent hydraulic. It has a pneumatic distribution of the grains and fertilizer, 11 rows on belt cone distribution, 4 of the rows are on precision drill, liquid fertilizer, granulate fertilizer, spread slug pellets, bi-cropping unit...

The Cross Slot is delivering the fertilizers (liquid and granulate) on the right side and the grains on the left side.

Haldrup Research machine

The machine was sold to the technical university in Dresden, Germany. For information concerningthe possible use of the seeder please contact Professor Dr. agr. Schmidtke via email:

For more information please contact Haldrup

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