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Cross Slot drills can increase crop yields and profits for farmers.

Cross Slot is the only known no-tillage technology and system in the world that arose from extensive, independent, published and peer-reviewed biological research.

Increasing yield results in more profit than decreasing costs


Compared with tillage and minimum-tillage:

  • Yield depressions are rare - even in the first year.
  • Yield increases are very likely - as new management skills are mastered.
  • Reduces fuel use - by 50-75% (25-50% compared with minimum tillage).
  • Reduces labour - by up to 60%.
  • Reduces time in the tractor seat by up to 50%.
  • Reduces costs - by up to 50%.
  • More hectares can be farmed with the same resources (= more profit).
  • Alternatively, more time is available for management or leisure.
  • Machinery replacement and maintenance are less frequent.
  • Reduces soil erosion wind and water.
  • Stones are not brought to the surface they are progressively buried.
  • Equipment breakages in stony soils are rare during tillage they are frequent.
  • Reduces soil moisture loss - each tillage operation can loose 12-25 mm of water.
  • Reduces irrigation frequency.
  • Capital cost is similar to tillage but operating costs are much less.
  • Builds soil organic matter tillage depletes organic matter.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by several fold.
  • Reduces soil compaction.
  • Increases soil trafficability machinery and stock.
  • Enables earlier grazing of new pastures from reduced treading and pulling damage.

Cross Slot drills can increase crop yield. Tractors and combine harvesters can not!

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Here is what some of our clients have to say about the system:

"Best forage crop I have ever had."
D. Hodder, dairy farmer, Ikiwai, New Zealand.
"The best decision I've made was to buy a Cross Slot® Air Drill' .
Nelson Giles, drilling contractor, Marlborough, New Zealand.
'I can't understand why everyone doesn't buy one of these things.'
D M Giles, drilling contractor, Manawatu, New Zealand.
"In this year's Ravensdown Wheat Growing Competition, my 9.3 t/hectare crop, sown with a Cross Slot drill into a 7-year no-tillage field with full straw retention, won the Mid-Canterbury section and was third nationally."
David Ward, arable farmer, Ashburton, New Zealand.
"The average yield of our best two turnip paddocks, sown with a Cross Slot® drill in 1999, was 19 t/ha and utilization on the firm ground of no-tillage was exceptional. 12 t/ha is a typical target yield."
Kathryn Hodder, dairy farm manager, Bulls, New Zealand.

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