The only Opener in the World that can achieve all 5 functions that define Low-Disturbance No-Tillage (LDNT)...

Cross Slot® Openers

  • Do not block in crop residues
  • Minimize soil and crop residue disturbance
  • Create horizontal instead of vertical seed slots
  • Auto-adjust downforce to match soil hardness
  • Conserve slot water in both liquid and vapour forms
  • Band fertilizer at the same time as seeding (liquid, dry or both)
  • Simultaneously band inoculants with seed (liquid or dry)
  • Enable sequestration of new carbon into the soil
  • Mitigate climate change
  • Regenerate soil health

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Cross Slot® Rigid Drills (Standard)

  • Cross Slot® Mark IV Openers

  • Cross Slot® Auto downforce (ADF) system

  • 3.0m, 3.5m options

  • 13-23 openers

  • Row spacing from 150 mm (6”) upwards

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Cross Slot® Folding Drills (wing up)

  • Cross Slot® Mark IV Openers

  • Cross Slot® Auto downforce System (ADF)

  • ADF pressures openers and wings
  • 3.5m centre section and road width

  • Wings extend sowing width to 5-10m
  • 25 - 53 Openers

  • 187.5, 233, 250 and 300mm (7",9",10",12") row widths



Cross Slot® Toolbars

For separate tow behind or tow between commodity carts

  • Cross Slot® Mark IV Openers

  • Cross Slot® Auto down force (ADF) System

  • ADF pressures openers and wings
  • 9 m (30’) to 18 m (60’) sowing widths
  • Wing-up folding, bi-fold for larger models
  • 31-63 openers
  • 187.5, 233, 250 and 300 mm (7”, 9”, 10” and 12”) row widths



Cross Slot® Single row drills for small areas

  • Cross Slot® Mark IV openers
  • Suitable for animal or small tractor power
  • Downforce is provided by rear weights
  • No electronic or hydraulic systems
  • No Auto DownForce (ADF) system
  • Single or twin row options
  • Row spacing from 150 mm (6”) upwards
  • Simultaneous seed and fertilizer banding
  • Hand, battery or belt driven metering


Cross Slot ® Retrofit Kits

  • Cross Slot® Mark IV openers
  • Cross Slot® Auto DownForce (ADF) system (hydraulic option only)
  • Fit any number of openers to existing tool bars
  • Or design and build your own frame
  • Row spacing to suit (minimum is 150 mm (6”) on twin tool bars)
  • Suitable also for small plot drills with cone seeders



Cross Slot® Parts

  • Our Cross Slot Openers® have a 10-20 year design life

  • Minimal in-service maintenance is required, saving downtime

  • Most bearings are sealed and last several seasons
  • Most upgrades are retrofittable for future-proofing
  • Soil wearing parts are easily replaced
  • Soil engaging parts are self-adjusting as they wear



Engineering for Life

  • Designed with service life to match the tractors that pull them (10-20 years)
  • Downtime to adjust for wear is virtually eliminated
  • Downtime to transition from one soil and residue type to another is eliminated
  • Sealed tapered and needle roller and double-race ball bearings used extensively
  • Triple lipped seals with stainless steel liners avoid off-season corrosion
  • Equally effective on hillsides and flat land with and without stones and residues
  • Maximum drilling speed is approximately 16 km/hr (10 mph)
  • Cruising speed is 12-14 km/hr (7.5 – 9 mph)
  • Unsurpassed cost-effectiveness


"The wearing parts on this drill are very easy to replace and adjust. It takes very little time in the field and very few tools." (Mark Scott, Contractor, NZ)




"You just go from one condition to the other and do not have to change anything. You wonder why everybody doesn't have one of these drills." (Douglas Giles, Contractor, NZ)