Cross Slot ® Rigid Drills Specifications


Cross Slot® Rigid drills 3.0m Sowing WidthCross Slot® Rigid drills 3.5m Sowing Width
Row Spacing mmOpener NumberOpener Number

Cross Slot® MK IV Openers


Vertical travel straight ahead560mm (22") Straight points or Ninja610mm (24") Straight points or Ninja


Tungsten-carbide double tiled or un-tiledMedium BladesLong Blades

Barrel mount or Single Pin mountSingle Pin mount only
ScrapersTo match blades

Press wheels

Zero pressure tyres3" plain or ribbed tyres4" ribbed

Press wheel scrapers

Optional extraRotating self cleaning

Auto Downforce System (ADF)


Vertical travel

Consistant down force throughout 45cm (20") of travel

Seeding Depth AdjustmentMechanical screw type

Fertilizer BandingSimultaneous horizontal banding alongside but not touching seed

Cross Slot® Options

Granule hopper150 LOneTwo
Blocking SensorAgtronSeed and/or FertSeed and/or Fert
Weigh scalesHopperSeed and FertSeed and Fert
CCTVIn HopperOne or twoOne or two
Heat Exchanger to warm air intake
Hopper Shut off slides
Road and work lights
Hiab Crane

Rear towbar

Drawbar hitch Options

Bull-PullK80 spoonPintel

Ball valves for wide rows

Air curtain for seed metering on hillsides