New SP No-Till Opener for 2022

Cross Slot announces its latest generation SP Low Disturbance No-Tillage Opener, to be launched in early 2022. The SP opener incorporates the latest refinements to the well-proven Cross Slot® opener functions.

The key elements of Cross Slot® openers remain the blades, discs and pressure plates and how they interact in the soil. The images shown here are of a left hand SP blade (white) and pressure plate (green) fitted to a standard Mark 4 opener (black and grey). These components are brightly coloured for illustrative purposes.

The main advantages of the new SP system are:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Wearing parts are retrofittable to existing Cross Slot® openers
  • The blades self-align on the disc
  • Easier and quicker to fit
  • More tolerant of varying conditions
  • Blades are available as medium and long, both tiled and untiled
  • Easier to pull

We invite current Cross Slot® owners to join our exclusive pre-launch evaluation group by emailing for access to parts and more detailed information.

For more information, please contact us.