Cross Slot® Openers

Cross Slot Openers® are the only True One Pass Low Disturbance No-Tillage (LDNT) System in the World!!

What sets us apart from the rest?


  • Cross Slot® LDNT is Carbon postive,
  • Caputuring 500kg/ha (500lb/ac) carbon from the atmosphere and puts it back into the soil while feeding the world
  • Organic matter builds cumulatively and regenerates soil health


  • Cross Slot Openers® create a unique horizontal slot at precise depths
  • Seed on one side, fertilizer placed simultaneously on opposite side
  • Residue folded back over the slots conserving both liquid soil moisture and humidity in the soil air within the pore spaces
  • Dry, liquid or combination fertilizer banded simultaneously with seeding
  • Fertilizer separated from seed 10-20mm
  • Heavy residue is no problem, either standing, chopped or lodged


  • Regenerates soil health
  • Less runoff with better soil porosity
  • Soil trafficability improved for machinary and stock
  • Lower erosion from wind and water


  • Saves 60-80% fuel, labour and tractor costs
  • Reduced seeding rate with higher germination
  • Reduced irrigation frequency for conserved moisture
  • 10-20 year design life
  • One opener suits all conditions
  • True, one pass low disturbance no-tillage seeding