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101 Questions about Cross Slot No-TillageThis Section records the questions and answers about Cross Slot® no-tillage that numerous people have posed over the years. It does not attempt to reference each answer, nor to cover the topics in great detail. More complete referenced explanations can be found in two additional books written by the authors and on our web site (see 'Books written by our staff' ). It is no accident that the people responsible for Cross Slot no-tillage are acknowledged international experts in this field and have addressed numerous international conferences on the topic as guest speakers. Indeed, Cross Slot no-tillage technologies and systems arose from their 30-year research project, which was designed to find out why other technologies and systems had not always worked reliably.

Cross Slot adopts a different approach than other no-tillage systems. Reducing the risk of impaired crop performance has been the number one goal. The answers to the questions are unashamedly based on that science and reveal a number of new scientific principles and management techniques not known or well understood prior to this research.

What better way for readers to gain an understanding of how these principles differ from other no-tillage technologies than to review the questions and answers that countless farmers, scientists, consultants and environmentalists have asked over the years?

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