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Cross Slot is pleased to announce a new partnership with Carrfields Machinery Ltd as distributor for NZ & Australia.

Message from Baker No-Tillage Ltd:
From 01 January, 2017, Carrfields Machinery Ltd (in New Zealand) and Carrfields Machinery Pty Ltd (in Australia) will be the exclusive distributors of Cross Slot products in New Zealand and Australia. This includes sales, servicing and the distribution of spare parts.
Mark Scott in New Zealand and David Cook in Australia will cease their roles as Product Specialists and are expected to adopt new roles assisting Carrfields in the respective countries.
Baker No-Tillage Ltd is delighted with this expansion, believing that professional sales and marketing has been a missing ingredient to date. BNT remains responsible for development and manufacturing. We will also remain the centre of information for all matters relating to no-tillage management and agronomy. Please feel free to continue to talk with us directly but sales, parts and servicing enquiries are now the responsibility of Carrfields Machinery with the assistance of Mark Scott and David Cook.
This will lead to more professional sales, marketing and servicing that Carrfields Machinery can offer, which in turn can only increase the confidence that people experience with Cross Slot low-disturbance no-tillage and lead to increased numbers of machines in use with consequent benefits from economies of scale.
We look forward to working with the Carrfields team to bring Cross Slot to more farms in New Zealand and Australia.
John Baker and Bill Ritchie and the BNT team

Message from Carrfields Machinery Ltd:
At Carrfields, our focus is to deliver leading-edge products that will add value to your farming business. Carrfields Machinery is pleased to announce the addition of Cross Slot as complimentary to our existing product offering.
We will be contacting you in the very near future to discuss your requirements and provide you with the necessary information to enable you to access parts, service and sales representatives. We will be working with the BNT team to ensure a smooth transition in the New Year, however, in the meantime, we encourage you to contact us should you require any clarification of the above and or any questions that you may have.
We look forward to working with you and the BNT team in 2017 and wish you and your families a safe and Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Matthew Keen, General Manager, Guy Fordham, Manager Australia and the Carrfields Machinery team


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Establishing small seeds no problem with Cross Slot

Many say you can't successfully establish small-seeded crops with no-tillage. Well this field of Alfalfa (Lucerne) in North Dakota is proof you can with the right equipment creating the right environment including consistent seeding depth. If you want consistent results over a wide range of conditions and seed types, Cross Slot is your solution!

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Check out the new Cross Slot Cost-Benefit Calculator

You can now compare the cost of owning and operating a Cross Slot with another drill. You enter your costs into the calculator to determine what yield benefit, if any, is required. Change the figures to identify what are the sensitive costs. The results might surprise you!

Capturing the benefits from Cross Slot's superior performance has never been easier! And using the calculator is really simple - just follow the instructions on screen or download further background information and instructions if required.

Click here to check out the Cross Slot Cost Benefit Calculator.

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