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Lastest news and events in Eastern Australia

CROSS SLOT spring 2012 Update

1. Field days

2. On farm demos

3. Single tool bar design and reduced toolbar weight

4. Sticky soil blade

5. Precision planter opener

6. Used Cross Slot 9m drill for sale

1. Field days

John and I have attended Speed Field Day and Ag Quip and had a good response from those we spoke to especially given many had never seen a Cross Slot opener before. It certainly has been a good (although expensive) decision to truck my 9m drill around the field days. Given that the single axle dual tool bar design Cross Slot uses is not common, it was able to be viewed on site plus showing the level of engineering and fabrication of the toolbar.

I will be at Henty this week with Bruce Gilmore, as John can't make it because Bill Ritchie (the GM) has had a hip replacement recently and the company is moving their office and workshop into new premises. We are on site Q734 at Henty so come and see my 9m drill if you haven't seen it before.

It will also be at the Elmore Field Days in October (Site 405 SE corner near Gate 6) where I will be demonstrating each day with the demo seeder at 10.45am. Hopefully there is a reasonable amount of residue to sow through to highlight the benefits of the Cross Slot design.

2. On Farm demos

My plans for on farm demos for Spring have been slightly de-railed with my appendix deciding to act up at very short notice last Friday, which means I am out of action from any physical work for 3 weeks. I have a demo organised at Cowra at the Wright property, "Wallaringa", 10km south of Cowra on the Boorowa Rd, turn left in into Langfield Rd and "Wallaringa" is on 800m on the left. I am going to Riverton, SA on October 9 for a field day and am trying to work in demos in the Mallee from enquiries I had at Speed in the same week, so I will be in contact with those who expressed interest this week.

If you are interested in an on farm demo from any area, please contact me and I will see if I can organise one. The demos work best if you can organise a group of farmers (or I can notify others in the area) as I find everyone gets more out of the discussion and the demo from talking to other farmers.

The Northern NSW and Queensland demos are unlikely to go ahead in October because of this set- back (see further comments in the Sticky Soil Blade section).

3. Single tool bar design and reduced toolbar weight

In response to Australian demand for bigger toolbars with wider row spacings, (>300mm/12"), Cross Slot has developed a single toolbar design for row spacings 300mm or above. As some of our soil types, especially the sandy soils and the self mulching clays, don't require the traditional weight of the toolbars (up to 500kg/opener is possible) for penetration, the toolbars are being redesigned with 300-350kg weight/opener in the toolbar, with extra ballast available for hard/tight soils in the form of weights or a water tank.

4. Sticky Soil Blade

As with the on farm demos, the appendix operation has delayed the trialling I was intending to do with the sticky soil blades in September, with the intention of having them ready for on-farm demos in October. I will still try to get any testing done and any modifications made that I can, although there isn't much sticky clay soil around with the current weather. Consequently, I will have to leave the on farm demos until early next year.

5. Precision planter opener

The development of the precision planter opener by the company is proceeding, with a prototype opener due for testing in NZ later in the year. The opener will incorporate a vacuum planter sitting just above the blade with a sub hopper located just above it. The plan is to be able to use the opener as a standard opener by removing the vacuum planter, thus allowing a tool bar to be set up for both no-till broadacre and row cropping/precision planting.

6. Used Cross Slot 9m drill for sale

With the company committed to exhibiting a full scale machine at each of the 5 field days I attend, I am intending to sell my seeder and upgrade to one with a narrower configuration which will reduce the transport cost significantly.

The seeder has seeded 6,400ha (16,000ac) in the last 4 years since new. The specifications are as follows:

- 9m folding drill on 310mm (12.5") row spacing (29 openers)

- Auto Down Force (ADF) controller with 4 load cells

- 2 x 2,500L bins, 2 x 70L bait bins (set up to spread behind the machine or down the seed tube)

- Hydraulic drives on bins connected to Raven Viper controller

- Agtron blocked head monitor on seed tubes

- Bin weighing scales on each 2,500L bin`

- Ability to isolate rear tool bar and seed on 620mm (25") rows on front tool bar

- Transport width 5.3m, height 3.6m

- Plus many other options

The seeder is in excellent condition, is fully optioned and would suit a new buyer, but at a significant discount. It will be available for delivery in January (compared to March for a new machine ordered in September) with a 10% deposit and the balance on delivery. It will be offered with the 2 year Cross Slot Service Support that is offered with all new machines.

If you are interested in this machine, please call for more details on 0419 639368.

That's a quick overview of what's happening with Cross Slot in Eastern Australia this Spring. There are a number of other development changes going on with the opener at the moment, including long blades with tungsten to be used with the 24" discs, 4" press wheels and a rotary scraper for the press wheels. Keep watching this space for the others.

David Cook

Product Specialist


1365 Midland Hwy

Pine Lodge VIC 3631

Ph. (03) 5829 2263

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