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  • Robust 20-year design life, minimizes financing
  • No pre-treatment of residues needed before seeding (true one-pass system)
  • Crop rotations are not limited by residue handling problems
  • Exceeds all conservation objectives, plans and requirements
  • Minimizes carbon emissions and maximizes carbon sequestration
  • Equally cost-effective for farmers and contractors (custom drillers)


"We are saving an average of 40-60mm of water a year. We've gone from averaging 4-5 T/ha of feed grains to 11-12 T/ha." (David Ward, Farmer, NZ)


"We have found there is one system that consistently has 70-80% crop residue left on the soil surface after seeding and that is the Cross Slot no-till system." (Hans Kok, Extension Agent, USA)

TractorCross slot
  • Requires little or no out-of-season modification or maintenance
  • Creates the time and confidence for farming additional land
  • Makes the practice of no-tillage itself, sustainable
  • Creates both short-term and long-term
    peace of mind
  • Improves profitability!
Cross slot on TruckCross slot